1 M PIPES, pH = 6.9

Contributed by Martin Fitzpatrick, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

1 M PIPES, pH = 6.9


151.2 g HEPES (free acid) Distilled water Solid NaOH pellets Concentrated NaOH


  • Add 151.2g HEPES (free acid) to a suitable container and make up to 400ml with distilled water.
  • Add solid NaOH a few pellets at a time while mixing until the pH is ~6.7
  • Add concentrated NaOH dropwise to achieve pH = 6.9
  • Add distilled water to a final volume of 500 ml
  • Sterile filter and store for later use.


Clare M. Waterman-Storer Microtubule/Organelle Motility Assays (2001) 10.1002/0471143030.cb1301s00