Preparation for microdissection (Polyester)ΒΆ

Contributed by Martin Fitzpatrick, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Basic protocol for Eosin & Haematoxylin histological preparation of microdissection slide.

  • Place slides in 100% ethanol for 5 minutes
  • Transfer slide to 100% ethanol, 95% ethanol, then 70% ethanol; 30 seconds/step
  • Transfer slide into de-ionized water
  • Transfer slide into Mayer’s Haematoxylin
  • Return to de-ionized water to rinse for 15 seconds x2 changing dH20 between steps
  • Transfer slide to 70% ethanol
  • Transfer slide into Eosin Y
  • Return to de-ionized water to rinse for 30 seconds x2
  • To reduce brittleness of tissue, place in 3% glycerol in de-ionized water
  • Shake and air dry to remove layer of glycerol and water
  • Microdissection is best performed in the following 5-10 minutes following preparation. If if tissue dries return tissue to 3% glycerol/water; step #10