Using a Gel Doc systemΒΆ

Contributed by Paul Barber

Using a Gel Doc system for imaging gels via UV

  • Turn camera on. To access camera lift the top cover of the hood.
  • Open Kodak Imaging program by clicking on desktop icon.
  • Click on Capture Image button on top left of screen.
  • Place stained gel on UV box. Position gel on left edge and center.
  • Close hood door. Turn on UV.
  • Click on Take Picture button.
  • After photo appears on screen turn off UV
  • Crop gel by selecting crop tool and select area to be cropped. Click on Edit menu then select crop.
  • Click on File menu and select page set up. Change paper size to gel. Select roll paper. Click on banner and save paper.
  • Click on File menu and select print. Then click on options. Select suppress header and footer. Click on scale to paper size. Then print.
  • Cut photo from roll paper. Hit the roll paper button on the printer for paper to be sucked back up.

This method is based, with permission, on an original protocol available here.